3 Trendy Women’s Jeans You Must Have in Your Store

Are you thinking of new ways to attract more and more customers towards your store? Well, the first and foremost thing you have to do is pay attention to your collection. If you have a gorgeous collection, nothing can stop you from becoming the number one store in town.

So, before you order for your wholesale women’s jeans from a reputed wholesaler, you have to take a look at the latest trends. That is why we bring to you three trendiest jeans of this year which is a must for your store.

High Rise Jeans

Starting from Nicole Kidman to Emma Stone, you will notice everyone in a pair of high-rise jeans. With a perfectly effortless fit on the waistline, these can be sported with shirts, blouses and tops. Naturally, it is a favorite among all fashionistas. So, if you have to win the popularity game and be on the top of this business, grab them in bulk from reputed wholesalers at the best prices.


Boyfriend Jeans

The loose and baggy finish of this style makes it a great option for regular wear. With a relaxed fit around the legs and a tighter fit near the waist, it is a perfect choice for girls who have thicker thighs and legs but a proper waistline. So, a pair of boyfriend jeans is a must have in your store if you want to lure your customers with cool and comfy clothing that are also trendy and stylish.

Boot Cut Jeans

Nowadays, plus-size is becoming quite a rage in all kinds of clothes as more and more people are indifferent to size related fashion myths. So, boot cut jeans, suitable for all body types is undoubtedly a brilliant choice of jeans to have in your store. Whether your customers are slender, petite, healthy or plump- these jeans, loose at the leg with a wider leg opening, are perfect for all your customers. And hence, they look great on plus-size women too. So, next time when you order for wholesale plus size clothing, don’t forget to order boot cut jeans in a variety of colors and sizes.

If you have these 3 kinds of trending jeans in your store, it is bound to be the best one in town. So, find a good wholesaler who can provide you with these stylish pairs of trendy wholesale women jeans at the most reasonable prices at the earliest.


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How to Pick Skinny Jeans That Flatter Different Body Types

Skinny jeans are quite a talk of the town nowadays because of their stylish narrow-legged and body-hugging fit down till the ankles. And the best part is they are not only restricted to skinny body types. Right from perfect hourglass types to curvy pear shaped bodies, these are extremely fashionable.

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly buy wholesale skinny jeans and add their variety of styles to your gorgeous collection for making your store one of the trendiest ones in town. Here, we have put together some tips on which kinds of skinny jeans looks best on which kinds of body types. Take a look at them so that you can guide your customers better.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass is the perfect body shape a girl can have. So, for such a shape, you have to make sure that the waistband of the skinny jeans fits the fuller thighs, wider hips and slim waist, without causing a gap when the person stands up or walks around. It should have the ample amount of stretch allowing her to sit and move about comfortably.


Apple Shape

You have to understand that waistline is a pressing concern of all apple-shaped women. While the legs of the skinny jeans might fit you perfectly, there will be a great difficulty in zipping up the pants near the waistline owing to the round torso. Therefore, for apple-shaped women, you must have skinny jeans with a higher waistline which will effectively cover the extra pounds of flesh bulging out at the waistline or buy them in the dark wash so that your customers get a flattering, smaller and thinner silhouette.

Banana Shape

For such body types with rounded torsos and flatter chests, get wholesale skinny jeans with additional stretch. For a fuller and curvy appearance, these women often look for detailed designing on the rear pockets. So, pick skinny jeans with bold patterns or embellishments on the back pockets which make the rear look rounder and curvaceous.

These were only a handful of body types but before you start shopping for your store, make sure you learn about all kinds of body shapes. Nowadays you can find a number of wholesalers who not only offer adult clothing items but also provide you with juniors wholesale clothing.


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3 Plus Size Fashion Myths You Must Get Rid Of

It is true that you are no fashion designer with an exceptional sense of fashion but you can’t deny the fact that you own a fashion apparel store. You ought to be well aware of the latest trends, styles and at least have some knowledge about what looks good on the various kinds of customers, right from petite girls to plus size ones. And for that, you have to do some serious research on fashion along with a detailed customer behavioral study. But while doing so, you will also come across certain fashion myths which do nothing but misguide you as well as your customers.

We have made your task a little easier by putting together some of the greatest myths of plus size fashion of all times that you most definitely must get rid of. Take a look and keep them in mind when you pick wholesale plus size apparel for your store.


  1. Plus Size Women Don’t Look Good in Leggings

If you have plus size customers who are avoiding your beautiful and stylish leggings on the display, you must tell that they can not only wear them but also pull them off with panache. The key to a look is not what you wear but how you wear it. Ask them to wear the leggings with long tunics if they are conscious about a tight fitted appearance. Always inspire others to wear leggings irrespective of their weight and also motivate yourself for stocking up your collection with stunning wholesale leggings.

  1. Printed Tees are a No-No for Curvy Girls

Often, women who are a little on the heavier side try to avoid printed shirts or tops because they feel it might highlight their weight. But the truth is, it is not the prints that draw attention to the weight but the size of the print. You must ask your customers to avoid big prints if they are on the heavier side and instead, go for smaller prints with darker backgrounds to get a slimmer effect.

  1. Curvy Girls Must Avoid Jeans

Quite often, people think a pair of jeans is not quite right for their plus size figures but nowadays you can find a variety of jeans in plus size that is suitable for all body shapes. You have to help your customers find the perfect pair of jeans that will complement their body types, accentuating their best features while hiding the worse.

There are plenty of stores which offer the fabulous quality of wholesale plus size apparel in various trendy designs. So, get rid of the myths and shop to your heart’s content from these wholesalers and gift your store, an amazing collection of clothes.


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Make Sure Your Store Has the Coolest Kidswear Collection in Town!

The best part about the fashion industry today is that they do not concentrate on adult clothes only. Kids fashion has evolved equally over the past few years. Fashionable moms and dads are putting in a lot of effort while picking clothes for their little ones. The best thing about designing clothes for kids is that you can try out various things as the kids can carry almost anything and everything and are overloaded with heart-melting cuteness. So, as a retailer, you can, of course, experiment with this genre of clothes.


And for that, you need to contact the best wholesalers, who not only are concerned about the fabric and quality but also keep themselves updated with the new trends. Purchase in bulk for the maximum profit margin. A few things which you should pick up immediately are mentioned here. Take a look.

  • Colored pants – Taking the fashion world by rage, colored pants or jeans are the new “in” thing! Not only for adults but for children as well. Apart from the regular denim in blue and black, you should also pick jeans in vibrant shades like blue, yellow, green, red and orange!
  • Embellished denim – Kids absolutely love shiny things! Be it stationery or on their clothes. Thanks to the fashion designers, that embellishments and sequins are back in the fashion industry now. If you contact reputed wholesalers, you will definitely find jeans with embellishments on the pocket areas. Pick them up in bulk for the little star customers of your store!
  • Casual and comfortable t-shirts – Another thing which you must keep in your store are casual and comfortable t-shirts in bright colors. Juniors wholesale clothing is all about colors and playfulness! But yes, make sure that the fabric is of a good quality.


While choosing a wholesaler, compare the prices and the discounts they give on bulk purchases. Contact a company that also keeps wholesale plus size clothes.

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Pick Fashionable Plus-size Clothing for a Versatile Collection at Your Store

If you are a retailer, I am sure you are doing your best to upgrade the collection of your store, from time to time. Reading fashion blogs and articles, flipping through the pages of the best fashion magazines, finding out reputed wholesalers in town are some of the things which you should do. Another thing on the list which you shouldn’t neglect, is keeping a variety of clothes for all body shapes and sizes at your retail store. And thus, you need to pick up fashionable clothes for the curvy beauties as well. In fact, this is the key to make the collection stand out among all the competitors.


Take a look at some of the factors you need to keep in mind while purchasing wholesale plus size clothing.

  • Fabric that is comfortable –Make sure that the fabric is extremely comfortable be it the casual tees, fancy and fashionable tops, denim pants or cocktail dresses.
  • The “rise” factor – When it comes to capris, pants or jeans for the plus-size women, the rise has to be either mid-waist or high-waist. Low-waist jeans or pants would not only make the lower body look odd, but also can make them extremely uncomfortable. Contact a reputed manufacturer for a wide variety of options. Purchase in bulk so that the profit margin is good.
  • No baggy and loose clothes – It is a complete fashion myth that women on the heavier side of the weighing scale must wear baggy and loose clothes. It never makes them look slimmer. In fact, misfit tops, pants or dresses will actually make them look even bigger. So, make sure that you pick up clothes with good fittings.
  • No boring designs and cuts – Just because it is plus size fashion, it doesn’t mean that the cuts have to be boring. Off-shoulder to high-low, pick tops that are trending in 2017. The tees should be of bright and vibrant hues! As per jeans is concerned, boot-cut, boyfriend and skinny denim are “in” this year.


Now, you know the most important factors to consider while purchasing wholesale plus size tops, tees and jeans.

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3 Kinds of Kids Jeans That Must Make a Place on the Racks of Your Store

Over the years, the fashion industry has seen various kinds of changes. Definitely, it has evolved by leaps and bounds in the recent past. People have become extremely cautious about every piece of clothing they pick up. Young parents take a lot of effort when they pick up clothes for their children. So, if you own a store and want to upgrade the collection of denim for kids, then you should do your part of the research well, and get in touch with the best wholesalers in town.

In this blog, I will talk about three different styles of jeans that should definitely be there at your store. Apart from the styles, one more thing you should consider is the comfort factor. The material should be comfortable and soft so that children don’t face any kind of problem while wearing them. Take a look at my top three picks.


• The basic black and blue ones – Well, the “never out of style” ones deserve to be mentioned first. These are just the basic ones which can be teamed up with casual tees as well as fancy tops and formal shirts. Parents will definitely pick jeans of these two colors for their little ones.

• Vibrant hues –Kids fashion has evolved and now it is the age of colored denim. Orange, green, electric blue, red, yellow – pick up all the vibrant members of the color palette. Make sure that the quality of the zip and elastic is good as well.

• Embellished jeans – The third one I am going to mention are the ones which come with embellishments. Kids love anything shiny! And the fashion world has welcomed back sequins and embellishments with open arms recently. So, pick kids wholesale pants with embellishments.

So, immediately contact a reputed wholesaler who keeps kids wholesale clothing and upgrade the collection of your store.

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Cater All Plus-Size Women with the Right Kind of Garments

NSPB107-Brown-2T.jpgAre you thinking of making your store a favorite one with the amazing collection of plus size clothing? No matter how women behave obsessed about a “perfect size”, the demand for the plus-size clothing will never go down. In fact, being a store owner, you need to make the buyers understand that it is not just about the size, but more about the confidence that can make them stunning.

So, if you are thinking of encouraging plus size fashion you must have to have some clothing items at your store that will surely attract your buyers. What are they? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Buttoned Up Blouse

When a woman is looking for the most comfortable work clothes, it has to be the buttoned-up blouse. The tricky part is, when a plus size woman is going for shopping, it becomes difficult to find one perfect piece for them. But, this is a staple that they would love to add in their closet. So, make sure you are getting the right blouse for plus size women.

Cardigans or Shrugs

A very popular trick for plus size dressing is to hide the fat with layering. It can effectively make a woman look slimmer. Now, you must be wondering how you can make it a popular trend amongst your buyers. Showcase the layering technique with mannequins. I am sure it will do the job perfectly to attract the customers.

Solid Pants

Apart from jeans, some solid trousers can also make a woman elegant without adding much bulge to her already wide frame. If the fabric is thin and flexible enough it will fit snugly and let the wearer flaunt her curves. Stock up your store with wholesale pants for stunning ladies.

Find out a dealer of wholesale plus size clothing and you will be able to get the right items for your store.

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