2 Types of Bottom Wears That You Must Stock in Your Store’s Plus Size Section

Are you planning to set up a clothing store in your city? If yes, then being a fashion designer there’s something that I would like to suggest you; please make sure you have a separate section for the plus size women. Why? Well, the reason why I’m suggesting you this is because it will help you garner more popularity, as well as customers. Trust me; there are not many apparel stores or brands that actually focus on the curvaceous women. And as a result, the plump beauties don’t get a chance to wear trendy outfits that would accentuate their curves perfectly. So, don’t you think you need to do something so that they too can look as gorgeous as a Hollywood diva? If yes, then wait no more. Create a plus size section in your store and attract numerous curvy customers.


Now, your next concern must be what kind of clothes you need to add in that collection, right? Well, this task is a bit tricky and it mostly depends on the current trends. But still, to help you out, I can suggest you a few plus size bottom wears that you must have in your store.

Take a look.

Bootcut and High-Rise Jeans

We are all aware of the fact that jeans pants are one of those staple bottom wears, which can be found in every woman’s wardrobe. Hence, while setting up the plus size section in your store, make sure you purchase trendy wholesale women jeans. Some of the types of jeans you can include in this section are bootcut and high-rise jeans. And remember one thing; never opt for those which are loose or ill-fitted such as boyfriend jeans. These jeans pants are undoubtedly trending, but they are not going to make the curvy women look perfect or conceal the problem areas. .


Long Denim Skirts

Apart from jeans pants, there’s another kind of bottom wear that you must have in your store’s plus-size section; and that is long denim skirts. Denim skirts created a rage in the early 2000s, and women and teenagers went gaga over this simple yet chic bottom wear. So, how about bringing back this trend in your city? If my idea sounds cool, then immediately contact a wholesaler who can provide you with stylish denim long skirts.

These were the two kinds of bottom wears that you must have in the plus size section of your store. If you want to know more about plus size clothes or juniors wholesale jeans, please keep following my blogs.

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