3 Questions to Ask Your Wholesaler before Buying Juniors Clothing

To stand out in the highly competitive retail business, you have to take that extra leap and put in a lot of efforts, if you want to do really well. Understanding the needs and requirements of your customers, upgrading the collection of your store according to the latest trends and finding out the right wholesaler are some of them. You also need to cater to the needs of every possible age group. If you are keeping a kids and women’ section, do not forget to keep a section for the teenagers too. They can help you create a really strong customer base if you live up to their expectations, as this is the actual time when they slowly start taking interest in fashion.

While there are plenty of companies out there offering lucrative discounts juniors wholesale jeans, tops, and dresses, you should be a little conscious while choosing one. You don’t want your young customers or their parents to complain about bleeding dyes and poor fabric, right? So what you can do is ask these questions before relying on them.


  • How many stores do you cater to?

Experience is very important and hence, you should always ask your wholesaler about the stores it caters to. If the number is high, you can easily rely on them.

  • What are the labels/brands you keep?

Well, nothing will attract your teenage customers more than the already well-known labels or brands. Also, reputed brands generally do not disappoint when it comes to quality and material. And hence, you should always ask about this in the very beginning.

  • Is our collection versatile?

Well, you need to check the range of clothes they keep. While there are wholesalers who have really limited stock, there are others who keep every kind of clothing possible. From basic tees and jeans to fashionable plus-size dresses, they have everything that you would need for your boutique or store.

So, these are the three main questions which you should ask before relying on wholesale jeans manufacturers or other wholesalers. Surprise your teenage customers with the best collection possible!

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