3 Ground Breaking Rules from the Plus Size Look-Book That You Must Follow for Your Store

It is obvious that you want to make a mark in the market of clothing and fashion in your city. You surely want more and more customers to visit your store and wish to be the most popular name of amongst the buyers in the city, right? But for that, you need to know what exactly you need to offer your customers with.

Now, the scene in fashion is rapidly changing. Today, it is not anymore about the people who have the body with perfect proportion, but fashion is becoming a household thing for plus size people too. Surely they don’t want to be deprived of the elegant touch of fashion either. So, if you are thinking of catering to the crowd of plus size buyers too, then you must stock up your racks with the right things. Take a look at the following rules for plus size clothing before you start stocking up for wholesale plus size fashion.

Button Downs are In

Button downs are perfectly flattering for the super curvy body. Now, there are different types of materials like crepe and silk available in the market that can really flatter that type of body. If you think that the customers are not really okay with the shirts, you can easily offer them some jacket or shrugs to layer the look.


White is a Must

The myth that white can make someone look fatter is dumped now. It is the fit and the texture of the material that add up to a dress and the volume, and not the color. So, there is no point of getting rid of all white tops and shirts from your collection of wholesale women tops.

Too Much Monochrome is Not Necessary

Monochrome is known to add up to the illusion of a slimmer frame. But, too much of it can completely ruin the look too. So, stop before you crowd your collection with too much overdose of monochrome.

Follow these three rules for stocking up your store racks. I am sure your new collection will surely attract more customers.

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