2 New Plus Size Fashion Rules That Your Online Store Must Follow

Are you planning to start a garment business online for women? If yes, then there’s one major thing that I would like to tell you. Please don’t just purchase wholesale clothes that fit women who are petite or have an extremely “desirable body”. You must also keep those customers in mind who are obese. The reason why I’m telling you this is because there are very few companies online that actually cater to women who are bulky. But, if you think about that particular section of women and if you stock up a wide variety of plus size women clothing, then believe me or not, your customer base will increase within just a few months.Capture

However, before creating a plus size women section in your online store, make sure you find an affordable and reputed wholesaler who can provide plus size, wholesale clothing Los Angeles. And apart from purchasing oversized clothes from a reputed wholesaler, there’s another thing that you have to do. And that is, you have to follow the ‘new rules of plus size dressing’ before purchasing clothes for your curvaceous customers.

Don’t know about the new rules of plus size dressing? Worry not; here are the three major rules that you have to follow. Take a look

  • Rule 1- Don’t just stick to dark colors: One of the major and oldest plus size fashion rules was that bulky women shouldn’t wear light colored clothes because it would draw unnecessary attention to their shape. But in 2017, this rule has been totally tattered. Now, major fashion designers and other stylists are saying- “there are no rules when it comes to color”. Hence, don’t just buy dark clothes from your plump customers; purchase light colored ones too.
  • Rule 2- Say “bye!” to baggy clothing: Earlier, people used to suggest overweight women wear bigger or baggy clothes only because they felt that would help them hide their flab. However this year, famous designers have declared that every curvy woman can unfollow this myth because according to them, baggy attires make a bulky woman look bulkier. So, ask your chosen wholesaler not to provide baggy or loose clothes at all.


So, these were the two major and new rules of plus size dressing. Trust me; if you follow these rules and purchase clothes according to it for your curvy customers, then your sale is undoubtedly going to increase. Another way in which you can foster your sale is by adding a kids’ section in your store, which will consist of stylish and cute clothes. To buy quality kids wholesale clothing, visit a reputed wholesaler in Los Angeles only.

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