2 Types of Bottom Wears That You Must Stock in Your Store’s Plus Size Section

Are you planning to set up a clothing store in your city? If yes, then being a fashion designer there’s something that I would like to suggest you; please make sure you have a separate section for the plus size women. Why? Well, the reason why I’m suggesting you this is because it will help you garner more popularity, as well as customers. Trust me; there are not many apparel stores or brands that actually focus on the curvaceous women. And as a result, the plump beauties don’t get a chance to wear trendy outfits that would accentuate their curves perfectly. So, don’t you think you need to do something so that they too can look as gorgeous as a Hollywood diva? If yes, then wait no more. Create a plus size section in your store and attract numerous curvy customers.


Now, your next concern must be what kind of clothes you need to add in that collection, right? Well, this task is a bit tricky and it mostly depends on the current trends. But still, to help you out, I can suggest you a few plus size bottom wears that you must have in your store.

Take a look.

Bootcut and High-Rise Jeans

We are all aware of the fact that jeans pants are one of those staple bottom wears, which can be found in every woman’s wardrobe. Hence, while setting up the plus size section in your store, make sure you purchase trendy wholesale women jeans. Some of the types of jeans you can include in this section are bootcut and high-rise jeans. And remember one thing; never opt for those which are loose or ill-fitted such as boyfriend jeans. These jeans pants are undoubtedly trending, but they are not going to make the curvy women look perfect or conceal the problem areas. .


Long Denim Skirts

Apart from jeans pants, there’s another kind of bottom wear that you must have in your store’s plus-size section; and that is long denim skirts. Denim skirts created a rage in the early 2000s, and women and teenagers went gaga over this simple yet chic bottom wear. So, how about bringing back this trend in your city? If my idea sounds cool, then immediately contact a wholesaler who can provide you with stylish denim long skirts.

These were the two kinds of bottom wears that you must have in the plus size section of your store. If you want to know more about plus size clothes or juniors wholesale jeans, please keep following my blogs.

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3 Fashionable Tops You Need to Have on Display for Your Curvy Customers

The wardrobe of any girl is incomplete without fashionable and stylish tops. The plus-size women are no different. So, if you own a retail outlet that has a plus-size section dedicated to all the sassy and curvy divas out there, then you must pick up comfortable and fancy tops for them. The first thing which you have to do is research. Researching would not only give you an idea about the trending plus-size clothes, but would also help you understand which cuts and shapes would work for the women who are on the heavier side of the weighing scale, and which won’t.

Secondly, you have to find out a reputed company from whom you can purchase stylish wholesale plus size clothing. If you take some time out and search online, you will find out many reputed wholesalers who keep a wide variety of plus-size clothes. Now if you are wondering what kinds of plus-size tops you should purchase for your store, then here are some suggestions.


  • Sublimation tops – Trust me, these tops are trending and your busty customers would absolutely love them! The patterns in sublimation tops are really interesting and the fabric would definitely make them look slimmer. But make sure that the material is comfortable and allows the skin to breathe. They can be paired up with the usual denim or with colored pants. Pick them up in bulk, from a reliable wholesaler.
  • High-low tops – I am sure that you are already aware of the “high-low” trend, and trust me these tops would work for the plus-size women as well. There are many wholesalers who keep plus-size high-low tops. Purchase them in a variety of colors, so that your customers get a huge range of options to choose from.


  • Zig-zag patterned tops – Illusions can really work on busty bodies, and hence, you should get printed zig-zag tops from a reputed wholesaler. There should be no compromise on the quality of the fabric.

So, these are three kinds of fancy tops that you should be getting for your store’s plus-size section. Do not delay anymore and contact a reliable company for wholesale clothing los angeles.

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3 Questions to Ask Your Wholesaler before Buying Juniors Clothing

To stand out in the highly competitive retail business, you have to take that extra leap and put in a lot of efforts, if you want to do really well. Understanding the needs and requirements of your customers, upgrading the collection of your store according to the latest trends and finding out the right wholesaler are some of them. You also need to cater to the needs of every possible age group. If you are keeping a kids and women’ section, do not forget to keep a section for the teenagers too. They can help you create a really strong customer base if you live up to their expectations, as this is the actual time when they slowly start taking interest in fashion.

While there are plenty of companies out there offering lucrative discounts juniors wholesale jeans, tops, and dresses, you should be a little conscious while choosing one. You don’t want your young customers or their parents to complain about bleeding dyes and poor fabric, right? So what you can do is ask these questions before relying on them.


  • How many stores do you cater to?

Experience is very important and hence, you should always ask your wholesaler about the stores it caters to. If the number is high, you can easily rely on them.

  • What are the labels/brands you keep?

Well, nothing will attract your teenage customers more than the already well-known labels or brands. Also, reputed brands generally do not disappoint when it comes to quality and material. And hence, you should always ask about this in the very beginning.

  • Is our collection versatile?

Well, you need to check the range of clothes they keep. While there are wholesalers who have really limited stock, there are others who keep every kind of clothing possible. From basic tees and jeans to fashionable plus-size dresses, they have everything that you would need for your boutique or store.

So, these are the three main questions which you should ask before relying on wholesale jeans manufacturers or other wholesalers. Surprise your teenage customers with the best collection possible!

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Trending Denim Pants that You Must Keep in Your Store

The task of a boutique owner or store owner can be quite daunting! After all, you need to upgrade yourself of the latest trends and demands of the customers and keep up with it. For that, you need to keep a check on the fashion magazines, read a lot of fashion related blogs and etc.


One of the most important things that you need to keep in your store is denim pants and I am sure that you already have an impressive collection of this wardrobe staple for your fashionable customers. But are you aware of 2017 trends? No? Then, read this blog to know about three most trending denim pants that should make a place in your store racks.

  • Ankle-length distressed jeans: Well, the ankle-length distressed jeans is trending this year and trust me, this style is going to stay for a long time. From actresses to the girl-next-door, every woman is absolutely in love with ankle-length distressed jeans. So, while contacting your wholesaler for buying wholesale women jeans, make sure you purchase this one in bulk for your fashionable customers.
  • High-waist denims with floral patchworks: High-rise embroidered jeans have made a comeback this year, and hence, this is another style which you shouldn’t forget purchasing for upgrading the collection of your store. Make sure that the floral patchworks have an excellent Keep some casual solid-colored t-shirts in your store as well, for teaming up with these jeans so that your customers do not need to go elsewhere for the tops.
  • Colored jeans: If you are thinking of catering to all kinds of customers, then you need to keep experimental clothes as well. And hence, you should keep colored denim pants which are on the top of the “trend chart” this year. Choose bright colors like red, fuchsia, yellow and green as your experimental customers will absolutely love them!

So, these are the three kinds of denim pants that you need to keep at your store. Don’t delay any further and contact a reputed wholesaler immediately. Also, pick up stylish and comfortable wholesale plus size clothing for your chubby customers. Make sure that you cater to the needs and requirements of all kinds of customers visiting your store.

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2 Kinds of Gorgeous Pants You Need to Keep for Your Stylish Customers

Fashion trends keep on changing every year. And in this competitive market, you definitely need to research and find out about the latest “in” things, if you want to upgrade the collection of your store. You must keep in mind that various kinds of customers will visit your store– the “plain Jane” ones, the highly experimental ones and obviously, the stylish ones. So, you have to cater to the needs of everyone.

In this blog, I am going to talk about a few trending pants that you should buy and keep for your stylish customers. These are the best two, and I am sure that your target customers are going to fall in love with them, and would definitely buy them from you. Take a look.


  • Metallic pants – Metal is definitely “in” this year, be it in dresses, tops or pants. And you should get two kinds of these gorgeous wholesale pants for your sassy divas – the bold and blingy, and the soft and muted. These pants can do wonders if your customers choose to wear them in parties and glamorous events. So, you should definitely get them in bulk from your wholesaler.
  • Tie-dye pants – The funky tie-dye pants are also trending this year and are loved by many. They are great to be worn with simple and casual crop tops or t-shirts, and your customers would definitely love them. You have to get them in various sizes and colors from your wholesaler. But yes, sometimes the colors might leak and hence, you should always be a little choosy while you are choosing your wholesaler. You don’t want your customers to complain to you about this, right?


So, now that you know which two pants are trending this year, why delay any further? Contact a reputed wholesaler now. And yes, do not forget to get a few casual as well as wholesale plus size tops in various cuts and colors too.

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3 Ground Breaking Rules from the Plus Size Look-Book That You Must Follow for Your Store

It is obvious that you want to make a mark in the market of clothing and fashion in your city. You surely want more and more customers to visit your store and wish to be the most popular name of amongst the buyers in the city, right? But for that, you need to know what exactly you need to offer your customers with.

Now, the scene in fashion is rapidly changing. Today, it is not anymore about the people who have the body with perfect proportion, but fashion is becoming a household thing for plus size people too. Surely they don’t want to be deprived of the elegant touch of fashion either. So, if you are thinking of catering to the crowd of plus size buyers too, then you must stock up your racks with the right things. Take a look at the following rules for plus size clothing before you start stocking up for wholesale plus size fashion.

Button Downs are In

Button downs are perfectly flattering for the super curvy body. Now, there are different types of materials like crepe and silk available in the market that can really flatter that type of body. If you think that the customers are not really okay with the shirts, you can easily offer them some jacket or shrugs to layer the look.


White is a Must

The myth that white can make someone look fatter is dumped now. It is the fit and the texture of the material that add up to a dress and the volume, and not the color. So, there is no point of getting rid of all white tops and shirts from your collection of wholesale women tops.

Too Much Monochrome is Not Necessary

Monochrome is known to add up to the illusion of a slimmer frame. But, too much of it can completely ruin the look too. So, stop before you crowd your collection with too much overdose of monochrome.

Follow these three rules for stocking up your store racks. I am sure your new collection will surely attract more customers.

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2 New Plus Size Fashion Rules That Your Online Store Must Follow

Are you planning to start a garment business online for women? If yes, then there’s one major thing that I would like to tell you. Please don’t just purchase wholesale clothes that fit women who are petite or have an extremely “desirable body”. You must also keep those customers in mind who are obese. The reason why I’m telling you this is because there are very few companies online that actually cater to women who are bulky. But, if you think about that particular section of women and if you stock up a wide variety of plus size women clothing, then believe me or not, your customer base will increase within just a few months.Capture

However, before creating a plus size women section in your online store, make sure you find an affordable and reputed wholesaler who can provide plus size, wholesale clothing Los Angeles. And apart from purchasing oversized clothes from a reputed wholesaler, there’s another thing that you have to do. And that is, you have to follow the ‘new rules of plus size dressing’ before purchasing clothes for your curvaceous customers.

Don’t know about the new rules of plus size dressing? Worry not; here are the three major rules that you have to follow. Take a look

  • Rule 1- Don’t just stick to dark colors: One of the major and oldest plus size fashion rules was that bulky women shouldn’t wear light colored clothes because it would draw unnecessary attention to their shape. But in 2017, this rule has been totally tattered. Now, major fashion designers and other stylists are saying- “there are no rules when it comes to color”. Hence, don’t just buy dark clothes from your plump customers; purchase light colored ones too.
  • Rule 2- Say “bye!” to baggy clothing: Earlier, people used to suggest overweight women wear bigger or baggy clothes only because they felt that would help them hide their flab. However this year, famous designers have declared that every curvy woman can unfollow this myth because according to them, baggy attires make a bulky woman look bulkier. So, ask your chosen wholesaler not to provide baggy or loose clothes at all.


So, these were the two major and new rules of plus size dressing. Trust me; if you follow these rules and purchase clothes according to it for your curvy customers, then your sale is undoubtedly going to increase. Another way in which you can foster your sale is by adding a kids’ section in your store, which will consist of stylish and cute clothes. To buy quality kids wholesale clothing, visit a reputed wholesaler in Los Angeles only.

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